Young Children in Divorce & Separation (YCIDS)

Being separated parents of a baby or toddler is a big job. Young Children in Divorce and Separation (YCIDS) is here to help. YCIDS is a short online education program for separated parents of very young children (0-4 years)
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YCIDS for Parents

YCIDS for Professionals

​Child Inclusive Mediation & Counselling (CIMC) Training

The Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling (CIMC) training program is taught by Professor Jennifer McIntosh, one of the pioneers of this method. Ideal for mediators, child specialists, therapists, children’s lawyers, parenting coordinators and more.
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Professor Jennifer McIntosh

Jennifer (better known as Jenn) is a clinical child psychologist, family therapist and research consultant. She is the director of Family Transitions. Jenn has a high profile in international training and conference forums, in the mental health, welfare and legal sectors, and is a pioneer of Child Inclusive Mediation. Read more

Tom’s Game

Tom's Game is a true story, told by a seven year old boy. Tom takes us through the breakdown of his parent's marriage. With humour and charm, Tom tells us all about court, through the eyes of a child. Just when his parents seem to be ready to self-destruct, along comes a little lady with big glasses, and some child inclusive solutions for the whole family. Read more