Child Inclusive Mediation

Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling (CIMC)

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Child inclusive mediation or post-separation counseling with separated parents represents and embraces many things we now know to be important to family adjustment after parental separation:

  • The child-inclusive genre embraces the paramount need to assist parents who are in dispute after separation to refocus on and plan for the needs of their children post-separation.
  • The work combines developmental consultation with children, within a therapeutic mediation process, occurring either within court or community-based services.
  • It is a process that ultimately seeks to refocus on the best interests of the child, through higher levels of engagement of their parents’ capacity to think and plan more cooperatively about them.
  • Child Inclusion is also a strategic extension of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, giving children the right to present their wishes in family law proceedings about them, and to have those experiences thoughtfully considered by their parents and the dispute resolution practitioners involved.
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Child Inclusion is a strong intervention that has the potential to transform the adjustment pathway after separation. Just like any powerful tool, Child Inclusion requires thorough training.