About the Course

About the CIMC Course

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Professor McIntosh, pioneer of child inclusive mediation practices, has taught this introductory program internationally, and finally there’s no need to wait for her to reach your shores. The Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling (CIMC) Level 1 program is here, online.The course comprises 18 hours of seminars, DVD demonstrations, and interactive learning tasks, narrated by Professor McIntosh. The modules can be taken together or separately, with access to follow-up webinars and supervision opportunities. Ideal for mediators, child specialists, therapists, children’s lawyers, parenting coordinators and more.

This course teaches core skills for the meaningful and safe inclusion of children’s perspectives within family law dispute resolution processes. The course focuses on application of child inclusive skills to mediation and separation counselling services, within and outside court services. This dynamic and powerful intervention is an evidence-based approach to building co-parenting quality, and forming responsive parenting arrangements. The change agent is the child, whose experiences and developmental needs are carefully considered with parents, in their dispute resolution setting, assisted often by a mediator.

Pioneered and developed over many years by Professor Jennifer McIntosh, child inclusion is built upon solid clinical and developmental frameworks, and is supported by longitudinal research with Australian families, and recent replication work in the US. Research demonstrates beneficial long-term impacts of this intervention on stability and durability of parenting plans, parents’ ability to better manage their conflict and acrimony, and strong flow-on effects for children’s adjustment to divorce and ongoing well-being.

Course participants will be grounded in the evidence-based underpinnings of Professor McIntosh’s approach, and be introduced to the core clinical thinking and practices of key parent and child interventions employed in the process. The program is indeed “intensive”, requires full application and participation in the many reflective practice opportunities offered in the modules. This is an invigorating and inspiring course, as practice and research come together. The potential of this work to bring about change in the parental state of mind, within complex and highly conflictual separations is substantial. The course focuses on the core skills required by child specialists and mediators for child inclusive practices.


There are 4 ways to view and complete this course.

1. Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling: Child Consultant Course

Number of units: 8 (numbered 1 to 7, with Unit 5 in two parts, 5A & 5B)
Approximate duration: 18 hours

This is the full Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling course.
Units 1-7 comprise the whole course. The full course (including the 4-hour Unit 5B) is ideal for practitioners wishing to engage with children for the purposes of child inclusive mediation/counselling, or for any practitioner wishing to understand the child consultation process in detail. A Certificate of Completion is provided.

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2. Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling: Parents’ Practitioner Course

Number of units: 7 (without Unit 5B)
Approximate duration: 14 hours

This is the full Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling course, without Unit 5B.
This slightly abbreviated course is for mediators, lawyers and others working with parents but not intending to work directly with children, and do not need to study the detailed methods and skills involved in the child interview. It includes a general overview of the child consultation process, but does not include the detailed 4-hour unit (5B) on child interview skills and methods. A Certificate of Completion is provided.

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3. Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling Overview

Number of units: 1
Approximate duration: 1 hour

This provides Unit 1 of the full Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling course.
This unit provides an introduction and general overview of child inclusive practices and the principles upon which it is founded. Useful for those wanting a general idea of CIMC, or those unsure whether to undertake the full course. There is no Certificate for this option.

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4. Child Interview Refresher

Number of units: 3
Approximate duration: 5 hours

This provides Unit 1, Unit 5A and Unit 5B of the full Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling course.
This option is designed for experienced practitioners who have previously done the online CIMC training (or a 3-day face-to-face workshop with Professor McIntosh since 2011), and who wish to refresh their practice and thinking in child interview methods). There is no Certificate for this option.

The Child Interview Refresher is NOT recommended for those who have not already undertaken training as described above. It refers to and builds on earlier learning, and will be of limited benefit to those who are not familiar with the underpinnings.

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