ChildrenBeyondDispute News

ChildrenBeyondDispute News

June 2016

Jenn was invited by AFCC (Association of Family & Conciliation Courts) to write an “Ask the Experts” piece on state of the art child inclusive mediation practices. You can read this here: Ask the Experts – Six Core Components of Effective Child Inclusive Mediation Practice

February 2016

Jenn had a long and interesting talk with the Exploring Teens Magazine, about supporting teenagers through divorce. The magazine is a good resource for parents. The article is on page 9, here: Supporting your teen through divorce

October 2015

In October 2015, Jenn was an invited guest of the Singapore Family Justice Courts. Uniquely, every counsellor of the Singapore FJC completed the online training program in Child Inclusive Mediation & Counselling (CIMC). Jenn then provided a series of follow-up programs for counsellors and judges.

We had several days of fascinating conversations addressing cross-cultural issues, and the fine art of applying child-inclusive methods to conflicted court matters. Jenn presented a keynote address to the 3rd Family Justice Practice Forum in the Supreme Court of Singapore, titled “A Child’s Best Interests Within Parental Conflict”. The address covered the latest research on divorce and its impacts for children (direct & indirect), and pathways of positive impact via proactive family law interventions.

Jenn’s plenary address is here: McIntosh Singapore Plenary 2016 Handout
Here are two articles about Jenn’s Singapore visit in The Straits Times:
Reducing divorce conflict, easing kids’ insecurities
Children get a voice in cases of divorce