Testimonials – YCIDS


Young Children in Divorce & Separation (YCIDS) Online Program

We received a great deal of positive feedback on our course, and below are just a few comments.

*Parent Praise for YCIDS*

“I have just finished your YCIDS course and thought the course content was very helpful, insightful and has resulted in me revising my opinion on how to achieve the best outcome for my son’s development as my ex partner and myself work through our issues. It has made me realise the potential damage that we may be doing to him if we do not change things between us. I thank you for allowing me to come to that insight. The “Watch, Wait & Wonder” resource I found very helpful.

I would like to express my appreciation for making this course available as it has made a difference to my thinking and how to approach the co-parenting of my son (now the hard work begins).”


*Practitioner Praise for YCIDS*

“Jenn has taken complex psychological and neuro-developmental concepts and presented it in a manner that can be easily understood and appreciated by both professionals and parents alike. She tackles hard issues directly and she has found a way of communicating what young children and infants need in a way that will not leave parents feeling alarmed or judged. YCIDS includes a rich source of information and references to other programs and material that parents can rely on to support them in supporting their children during a separation. The material is presented creatively and in a clear and unambiguous way so that the detailed information can be held in mind and lived out by parents after they have worked through the course. Jenn’s knowledge and clinical experience is extraordinary – there is no doubt that any parent working through the material will benefit from its contents and be better placed to effect positive changes in order to safeguard the wellbeing of their young children during a separation and/or divorce.”

Sheetal Vallabh
Clinical Psychologist, Family & Divorce Mediator, Attorney (non-practising)
Johannesburg, South Africa


“YCIDS is a great course and I’ve relayed the messages in it several times to several people. I wish I could watch it again and again as I found it very informative and it helped me to be the best mum to my beautiful baby boy possible. I find some people say ‘oh a baby won’t remember’ or ‘do you remember when you were that little?’. But the course made me stop and realise it’s all about creating a safe, happy, secure environment and they may not remember certain events as such but the feelings they are feeling now is what’s embedding in their brain for their whole lifetime. I really took from it how crucial these first few years are and that their brain grows faster then it will ever grow in their lives and I just want to do everything possible to give my little treasure the best start in life. Thanks again for a truly valuable course.”

“This should be a must for separated parents with young children, especially the under 3 age group. The information is presented in a clear, easy to understand format which should allow parents to make better informed decisions about their parenting plans post separation. It is supportive and non-judgemental whilst making it clear to parents that the choices they make have long term consequences for their children’s ongoing development.”
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
New South Wales, Australia

“We have been referring clients to this resource since July 2015. Our clients are giving us consistently good feedback about how useful it has been for them to understand the developmental needs of young children, so necessary for developing appropriate parenting plans.”
Practice Manager, Dispute Resolution & Post Separation Services
South Australia, Australia

 “The YCIDS program provides a thorough but easy-to-understand scaffold for parents to think about their child’s developmental needs during separation and divorce. It’s easily accessible for parents, and allows them to complete the program at their own pace, in an environment that’s comfortable (and safe) for them. I would highly recommend this program to any practitioners working with parents who are going through a divorce or separation.”
Victoria, Australia

“I have just viewed your YCIDS materials with a colleague and wanted to commend you on the fantastic resource that it is.  I will be looking at licensing myself for it to use in my own practice and sincerely thank you for this sensitive, important and highly relevant piece of work.”
New Zealand

“I’ve never learned such great information before about parenting a baby as I did in the YCIDS course. It was totally worth the time and it was easy to understand. I have been the child in a violent breakup before.  So I knew the bad effects that break ups can cause, but now I understand what to do as the parent, and how to be the BEST  father I can be.”
Queensland, Australia