Additional Resources

Name Description
YCIDS Topic Guide A brief description of the topics covered in the Young Children in Divorce and Separation Online Program for parents
Because It’s for the Kids eBook (English Version) This little book is a gem of a resource for separated parents, full of wisdom about the effects of parental conflict on children’s development, and on managing post-separation relationships. Now translated into French and German, this e-book is helping parents throughout the world to get onto the same page about co-parenting after separation.
Because It’s for the Kids eBook French Version by International Social Service – Swiss office
Because It’s for the Kids eBook German version by International Social Service – Swiss office
CODIT (Charting Overnight Decisions for Infants and Toddlers): A4 The CODIT is a simple way to consider key questions that helpfully inform decisions about overnight care for very young children (0-3 years) after parental separation. The CODIT is based on a review of current developmental science (Pruett, McIntosh, & Kelly, 2014) and the authors’ consensus about its application to overnight decisions (McIntosh, Pruett, & Kelly, 2014*). The grid from the latter paper has been adapted here for easier use, and a chart has been added, to assist considerations.
CODIT (Charting Overnight Decisions for Infants and Toddlers): US Legal US Legal version
20 Questions for Judges and Mediators A simple list of 20 questions designed for dispute resolution forums, to assist in ensuring parenting plans and orders about very young children are developmentally focused.
Parent Education Group In this short video, we meet eight individual separated parents, attending an introductory Parent Education Group at a Family Relationship Centre, prior to the first mediation appointment with their former partners. In this context, their former partners attend a separate group at a different time.
Tom’s Game Tom’s Game is a true story, told by a seven year old boy. Tom takes us through the breakdown of his parent’s marriage. With humour and charm, Tom tells us all about court, through the eyes of a child. Just when his parents seem to be ready to self-destruct, along comes a little lady with big glasses, and some child inclusive solutions for the whole family