About Children Beyond Dispute

Welcome to Children Beyond Dispute, the resource and training hub for building Child Focused pathways through divorce and separation.

Professor Jennifer McIntosh AM is one of the world’s leading child psychologists in the divorce and family trauma fields and is a pioneer of Child Inclusive mediation practices. Her powerful insights and wisdom, collected over 30 years of therapeutic, mediation, teaching and research experience are here now for all to benefit from. On this site, you will find an array of evidence based educational and therapeutic resources, providing guidance, support and inspiration for separated families, to remain child focused and to find their higher ground in post-separation parenting.

CBD is home to:

  • Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling – an online training program for mediators, child specialists, therapists, children’s lawyers, parenting coordinators, and more.
  • Young Children in Divorce and Separation – a short and powerful program for separated parents of infants and very young children.
  • Specialist resources and products for individual cases and group work, for all practitioners across family law contexts, mediators, judges, child specialists, family therapists, parent coordinators, evaluators, guardians ad litem, contact service workers, and more.



    Child Inclusive Mediation

    Child inclusive mediation or post-separation counseling with separated parents represents and embraces many things we now know to be important to family adjustment after parental separation.

    Young Children Inclusive Divorce Separation for Professionals

    YCIDS is an education program for separated parents who have a baby or very young child, and intend to co-parent.

    Professor Jennifer McIntosh

    Jennifer (better known as Jenn) is a clinical child psychologist, family therapist and developmental researcher. Her research and clinical work is vast. Here on CBD, we house Jenn's interventions for separated families in high conflict. In 2019, she was awarded  Member of the Order of Australia in recognition for this work.