Introducing YCIDS for Practitioners

YCIDS (pronounced “why-kids”) stands for Young Children in Divorce and Separation. YCIDS is an educational program for separated parents who have a baby or very young child, and intend to co-parent.

Being a parent of a baby or toddler is challenging. A bit of worry is just part of the job, but being separated parents with a baby or toddler can come with additional worries, complexity, and lots of questions. YCIDS is here to help.

In just 90 minutes, YCIDS provides a wealth of information about:

  1. Early development, and co-parenting a young child between two homes
  2. Sorting out tough emotions and conflict that interfere with parenting
  3. The right questions to ask, to arrive at a sound overnight parenting plan

Completed online at home, or taken as part of a group or individual service, YCIDS is an inexpensive, quick and effective way to boost knowledge and get on the same page about co-parenting young children after separation.

Download full YCIDS training and course information.

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