Jenn’s Separated Parenting Group

In this short video, we meet eight separated parents, attending an introductory Parent Education Group at a Family Relationship Centre, prior to mediation appointments with their former partners. Viewers are bound to identify with at least one or two of the parents in the group, and will find the advice offered by both Jenn and the group helpful.

There is a range of presentations in the parents attending the group. Some parents are in the early stages of separating and others have separated some time ago. Using her “Because It’s for the Kids” resources, Professor Jenn McIntosh leads the group discussion. In real time, the group runs for 90 minutes, but this video extract shows 20 minutes of condensed discussion. Topics covered include:

  1. The impacts of separation and of conflict for children
  2. What children need parents to achieve in dispute resolution
  3. What makes separation easier for kids?
  4. Parents’ state of mind, attunement and co-parenting alliance
  5. Parenting bridges
  6. Working toward higher ground as parents, after separation

There is much for parents to gain by participating in such a group, and also simply from watching and reflecting on the pieces of the conversation that relate to their situation.

Professionals wanting to know more about this approach will be able to access the Child Focused Dialogues handbook and video set soon, on this site.

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