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Being separated parents of a baby or toddler is a big job. Young Children in Divorce and Separation (YCIDS) is here to help. YCIDS is a short online education program for separated parents of very young children (0-4 years). YCIDS provides invaluable information about early development and the needs of very young children in separation, and helps parents to get on the same page about co-parenting between two homes. YCIDS won’t tell you what to do. It will show you the right questions to ask, to arrive at your own decisions about co-parenting your child, in your circumstances, now and into the future.

YCIDS provides useful insights to parents making decisions themselves, or to parents making decisions with the assistance of mediation or legal services. In about 90 minutes, internationally renowned child psychologist Professor Jennifer McIntosh will take you through five big YCIDS topics (see more about YCIDS topics here):

  1. What’s so BIG about the little years: babies and brain growth
  2. Being “good-enough” parents after separation
  3. Young children and overnight care
  4. Young children need a village
  5. Sorting out conflict

Every child is unique. Every child is born with his/her own way of approaching the world – a temperament. This means that they have differing ways of coping, different levels of frustration tolerance, reactions to change, and different ways or intensity of feeling things. YCIDS helps you to consider your own unique child, your family context, and your opportunities to make things as safe, predictable, and warm as possible.

YCIDS makes no assumptions. It won’t tell you what to do. It won’t take away all your worries. But YCIDs will help you better understand the vulnerability of all young children to stress within and between their parents. YCIDS shows you the opportunities you have for protecting your child from that, and for growing your own skills as a parent, and as a co-parent.

    Young Children in Divorce & Separation